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"Lets talk about cocktail ageing"

Hands on experience pack for an online seminar about aged cocktails.



Cocktail 1 (5cl)

Barrel Aged white rum old fashioned

Blend of white rum & bitters aged in a wooden barrel for 1 month. For the preparation we add our signature mix, stir and serve.


Cocktail 2 (5cl)

Clay pot aged "Larnaca City"

Signature cocktail made from bourbon whiskey, commandaria, rose vermouth & bitters. Aged for 14 days in a clay pot.


Cocktail 3 (5cl)

Leather aged Martini

Gin, dry vermouth & Madpan olive bitters let to rest for 21 days in a leather bota. 


Cocktail 4 (5cl)

Gourd aged Hybrid Martini

Classic martini let to rest for 12 days in a beeswaxed gourd that previously had a negroni. 

Aged cocktails tasting pack

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