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We provide a wide selection of services, ranging from consultancy on entertainment and catering to masterclasses and tasting workshops.


Tailored-made catering services

Take your event to the next level. Built on request catering services with highly trained professionals. Using an extensive network of tried and tested suppliers, we take care of all the detail, leaving nothing to chance.

Mission is to create unforgettable events by exceeding your expectations with amazing nibbles, top notch cocktails, warm welcoming service and creative presentation.


Our space can easily be hired by companies, business professionals and consumers for private activities and events. Easily converted from daytime board meeting room to an intimate private dining space. From simple art exhibition space to fully equipped bar for private birthday parties for kids and adults.



Order now your pre-made cocktails for your event.

No need to hire a bartender for your special event. We can help you with our pre-made cocktails ready to be served! You just have to put the ice!


Event planning & management

With more than 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry, our team is all you need to take your concept and make it real. Pop-ups, speciality tastings, cocktail competitions, lifestyle events, openings, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, you dream it and with our organisational skills we create it from scratch.


Dynamic, interactive, fun and thought provoking workshops and tastings by passionate professionals.

Knowledge on spirits and techniques is the first step to better acknowledgment and appreciation of the craft. We collaborate with the best to bring you a wide selection of workshops & tastings to meet your learning objectives and performance goals.

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You name it, we bottle it!

Custom favours for your special occasions. Negroni, Old Fashioned, beer, wine. You choose the product and we design custom labelling according to your theme. 


Graphic design // Digital content

We offer graphic design services from our in-house department by Deena Savva. From designing to printing. Don't hesitate to contact us for a quote. 

workshops & seminars
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