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Sunmoon Hospitality

77-81 Ayiou Lazarou - 6020 - Larnaca - Cyprus

We are located in the heart of the historical city of Larnaca, next to Saint Lazarus church.
The old building known as "Apothikes Ayiou Lazarou" (St Lazarus Warehouses) in 1880 functioned as stables. The space was later converted into timber warehouses (1935) and served this purpose for many decades. In 2014 it was restored and renovated and so in 2021 we found the perfect place to land, research, create and develop our ideas.


It is the place where we share knowledge through consultancy, workshops, tastings, trainings and seminars. Additionally, our space can easily be hired by companies, business professionals and consumers for private activities and events. Easily converted from daytime board meeting room to an intimate private dining space. From simple art exhibition space to fully equipped bar for private birthday parties for kids and adults. Occasionally we organise bar nights and events so stay tuned to book your seats as they are limited

If you are interested in booking our space, contact us directly and we will be happy to help you organize your dream event.


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Sunmoon Hospitality

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