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by Pan Savva


Blending tradition with modern TIMES


Panayiotis Savva is an ambitious bartender and passionate aged cocktail fanatic, that loves to create different tastes and flavors by blending tradition with modern times & ageing different kind of spirits in any possible (& impossible) ways.

Recently his seminar about gourd aged cocktails was chosen among 3000+ applications to be presented at one of the biggest hospitality industry event in the world in New Orleans, USA.

By presenting his seminar at the event, this will help him to accomplished his goal, which is, to expand the use of the gourd as an ageing vessel and to create new ways of changing the flavours of the bar world.

In order to do this, he will definitely need your help & support so as to spread gourd aged cocktails across the globe.

You can donate now at


Thank you in advance!!

The gourd

One of nature's greatest gifts to mankind. A vegetable of the marrow family (total of 975 species) that hangs from a climbing vine and comes in a range of shapes and sizes. One of the oldest cultivated plants, used by humans as a functional and decorative object throughout the world, throughout history.


The gourd is an endemic plant of Asia with two subspecies, possibly representing two separate domestication events.

- Lagenaria siceraria spp. siceraria

(in Africa, domesticated about 4,000 years ago) 

- Lagenaria siceraria spp. asiatica

(in Asia, domesticated over 10,000 years ago)

The bottle-shape gourd (nerokoloko) is the most common and well known here on the island of Cyprus. If you ever find yourself at our beautiful villages is the most common climbing vine you will see at house yards . Nerokoloko has many uses through the years like as a wine carafe, candle holder, food container and, with its side cut off, as a ladle. It was also used by shepherds as wine or water carrier, which is from where i was inspired and used the gourd as an ageing/preserving container.

The gourd is a unique vessel that gives to the cocktail or spirit a new dimension in taste and texture.

Back in the days, there were three types of gourd used by the Cypriot shepherds to transport wine and water. Plain, beeswax coated and pine resin coated. As the pine resin coated version is extremely rare to find, therefore I had the chance to experiment more with the other two versions (plain & beeswax coated).


I placed various liquids (spirits, cocktails etc) inside the pots for some days or in some cases for months and i have tasted the results over different periods of time. The gourd as an ageing/preserving container offers the liquid a special place for rest and as a result, depending on the gourd style, it gives a special character to the drink.

Pan Savva


Fill your gourd with your preferable liquid and let it rest for as long as you want. It is recommended that you taste the liquid day after day from the 5th day and onwards until you reach the desirable result. When satisfied, transfer the liquid to a sterilized bottle. Always fine strain!!

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