Making Cocktails

Consulting & Training

Are you setting up a new establishment or want to improve your existing? Our consulting & training services develop detailed, profitable, and efficient beverage programs that combine the essence and atmosphere of your establishment.

Business strategy & operations

Opening an establishment is simple,  but opening an establishment with a vision and a concept Is far from easy. This is our most complete service, covering all the areas of opening and operating an establishment. From business model to building design & from staff recruitment & training to POS systems & inventory, this pack can help you create a long term successful business model and a respectful brand. 

Bar & restaurant design

Happy staff & speed of service equals only one thing, increase of income! One of the major problems that most establishments facing is that for the sake of design they sacrifice the speed of service. Our team can help you on that. Interior design, custom bar station designs, lab, back bar and fridge designs are only few things that will help your bartenders don't brake the "one step rule" and your establishment don't break the bank.


Menu development

Knowing your audience is the A & Z of an establishment. Building a beverage program or updating an existing one that fits the establishment needs along with staff skills and guest base is our number one priority on this service. Custom menu, digital menu, seasonal menu, spirit focused menu, food pairing menu you name it and we can create it, design it, print it & make it digital for you. 


Staff training

Having a great team is one of the most important factors that determine your establishments success. We can help you on that! With this service we can hire & train your team according to your establishment needs. Complete training for bartenders, service staff & back bar staff.


POS systems

Minor system change or misfunction can change your business dramatically. Ticket times, kitchen printers, sales tracking are all parts of a system that helps the staff to be more productive and fast. At the same time, inventory is the most important back office work in the hospitality industry. We can provide a complete, new age, POS solution including pos system, inventory, clock in & out, kitchen connection, back bar connection, credit card acceptance and any other POS related systems on pads and with minimum paper use.


Event planning & management

With more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, our team is all you going to need to take your concept and make it into reality. Pop ups, speciality tastings, cocktail competitions, lifestyle events, openings, concerts, festivals, fashion shows, you dream it and with our organisational skills we can create it from start to execution.

Brand consulting & development

Everything your brand needs under one service. From full branding to marketing & social media to photo shoot and video making to menu placement, this service is a great hand of help for your already marketing team or a full partner of your brand. Rich out and we will be happy to offer our expertise.

Brand agency / Introducer 

You want your brand to be distributed in Cyprus? Rich out and we will be happy to help. Dedicated tastings and full presentations to key professionals of the local market is just few of the things that we can offer.

Stand alone services

- Menu creation/placement

- Food pairing

- Photoshoot / Video

- Social media

- Specialty packs (DIY, Cocktails at home, etc)

- Tastings & seminars

- Product launches

- Event planning and execution

- Event support

- Promotions

- Brand support

- Staff Training

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